Organizaciones Involucradas


The Center for Civic Policy strives to involve everyday New Mexicans in the public policy decisions that affect their lives with the goal of achieving positive and lasting change – the kind of change that will strengthen the safety and security of New Mexico’s families. The Center for Civic Policy is founded on the fundamental belief that the people of New Mexico have a right to expect public policy-making processes that are fair, transparent and accountable.  The Center strives to provide the public with accurate and current information about the policy issues that impact their families and communities, and above all, to engage and involve underrepresented constituencies in these critical decision-making processes.  To achieve this end, we compile cutting edge data and research with which to educate New Mexicans about vital issues – including but not limited to ethics and campaign finance reform, health care, human rights and immigration reform, tax and budget priorities, economic security, fair elections and voting rights, corporate accountability, and the environment. In this way we work to foster a broader, more inclusive, public discourse about the challenges facing our state’s diverse communities as well as our nation as a whole.


UNM Dream Team is a student club at the University of New Mexico to advocate for immigration reform and to increase access and success for immigrant students and families at the university.


El CENTRO is a grass roots, Latino immigrant led organization based in Central New Mexico that works with Latino immigrant communities and allies to defend, strengthen, and advance the rights of our community. We envision a city, state and nation where immigrants can become a collective, conscious, free and powerful force dedicated to the promotion of human rights.


Encuentro provides adult educational re-engagement opportunities to low-­income Spanish speaking immigrants who struggle with chronic under­employment resulting from low English language literacy and limited formal education. Our core programs include English as a Second Language, Spanish GED, Computer Literacy, Citizenship and Financial Literacy. Encuentro’s role in the ListoNM Campaign is providing workforce development for immigrants who qualify for temporary work authorization through Administrative Relief, thus improving employability for low income immigrant workers and parents. Programs include: computer skills for workforce entry, workforce-based ESL, entrepreneurship training and Administrative Relief employer education.


The mission of NMILC is to make access to justice affordable for New Mexico’s immigrants and aspiring citizens and to promote knowledge of legal rights and the immigration process. NMILC believes that all people, regardless of their financial status, should have equal access to legal information and due process.